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Showcase yourself  in the Pacific Northwest travel destinations, culture, hotels, resorts and attractions through Touch the Pacific Northwest.

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Touch the Pacific Northwest’s engaging content and growing audience provide a powerful platform for you to reach new customers and enhance the reputation of your organization.

We invite you to partner  with us at Touch the Pacific Northwest. Increase your organization’s visibility,with custom videos, display ads and product placement, tailored specifically for the visitors you seek. Choose our diverse subject matter to match your target audience,  e.g. geographically: all states, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and more; or by category:  attractions, lodging, culture, events, etc.

Girl surfin Touch HawaiiTouch the Pacific Northwest is also a unique online experience in that it is media rich. Numerous high quality short videos, articles and original photos are continuously being added to the website, tailored specifically to the needs and tastes of northwest visitors. Your organization has the opportunity to both sponsor new editorial “webisodes” on the most sought after destinations in the Pacific Northwest, and commission short informational videos regarding your destination, attraction or service.

Chelan TudorMarketing research shows today’s consumers highly prefer videos and photos to heavy text content and sales jargon. So we’ve designed Touch the Pacific Northwest to be full of fun and informative editorial content that creates a perfect environment for advertising and low key product placement for your organization.

As real estate rebounds, so do the economies of local communities. Touch the Pacific Northwest is developing key partnerships with local brokers to offer an attractive collection of unique properties, from vacation rentals to primary residences, to high end, luxury properties.

We think you will be pleasantly surprised to learn how affordable high quality, custom video and online promotion for your organization can be. Come grow with us at Touch the Pacific Northwest!


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Welcome to Touch the Pacific Northwest! Discover practical tips and inspiration to plan your next adventure throughout the Northwest, with informative articles, short videos and great photographyfeaturing the best the Pacific Northwest has to offer. Come back often for the latest stories and insights that are sure to entertain, inform and inspire, as you reach out to Touch the Pacific Northwest!
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